Estrategia Juridica is a legal firm founded in 1998. It was created to provide a dynamic, expedite, integral and efficient service to its customers. We believe that our relationship with the customers must be customized in such a manner that the customer feels that treatment and handling of its affairs goes beyond the mere professional scope and is structured within a true confidence relationship. Estrategia Juridica enjoys a structure that allows servicing of customer requirements in a prompt and precise manner. We have correspondents all over the world. Our mission is to exercise our profession as counselors within the strictest parameters of diligence and respect of the interests of those who come to us. Ethics and decor in the exercise of the law are built-in features of each of the attorneys that integrate Estrategia Juridica. Our Fields of Practice: Intellectual Property, Commercial Law, Unfair Competition.

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Estrategia Juridica S.A.S.
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